Ariana Grande divorces husband Dalton Gomez after two years –

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez’s marriage ended after two years. The singer and social superstar (she has 379 million Instagram followers) and Gomez, a former dancer who later became a luxury real estate agent, they got married secretly in May 2021in front of about twenty guests in California, at their villa in Montecito, where they have lived together since 2020. The star announced the news of the wedding a couple of weeks later on Instagram, attaching a photo and dedication “Forever and more.” Just over two years later, a divorce petition was filed by Grande’s lawyer on Monday, closely followed by Gomez’s.

According to American media, they have lived separately since January.. They met through the sale of the villa and started dating. In 2020, during quarantine, the singer surprised fans who thought she was lonely by publishing a photo of them together. In December of the same year, a marriage proposal. The wedding had already started to break down some time ago. Now some voices reported by TMZ and other American newspapers explain that The star is reportedly already in a new relationship with actor Ethan Slater, with whom she stars in the film Wicked. Gomez has also already dated other people. But Slater himself had just split from his wife Lilly Jay, his girlfriend since college.. Last year they became parents to a boy, Ezra. And today Lilly J said some bitter words about Ariana Grande.: “She’s not the kind of girl who supports other girls. My family is just a side effect,” explaining that he is doing his best to “be in the spotlight, which I never wanted and have never focused on myself in my life.” He then asked for “privacy and respect as an individual, not part of the show, and as a mother.” I ask you to leave me alone so I can rebuild my life and raise the beautiful child I gave birth to last year.”

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