Ariana Grande files for divorce from Dalton Gomez, divorce officially announced

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez are officially breaking up. The singer filed divorce papers in a Los Angeles court, citing “irreconcilable differences” as one of the reasons. They were married for two years.

“Irreconcilable Differences”. This is the motivation why Ariana Grande he mentioned indivorce petition from Dalton Gomez, filed September 18 in Los Angeles court. After two years of marriage, the couple decided to separate. This news isn’t new, but fans of the couple have known about it since last July when TMZ first broke the news, reporting that the split began back in January. And it seems that the singer has already turned the page: she has already spotted with Ethan Slater who in turn would ask him to divorce his wife in order to be with her.

Ariana Grande files for divorce from Dalton Gomez

The separation of Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez is now official, with no possibility of return: the singer presented divorce papers at the Los Angeles Courthouse. According to a CNN source, some of the reasons cited include: “irreconcilable differences”, although it is not specified in what aspect, perhaps a character or a work. It seems that between these two the marriage broke up some time agoat least since January last year, when they went through the crisis was never fully resolved.

Ariana Grande would turn the page: she dated Ethan Slater

After the end of her marriage, Ariana Grande would find love again with Ethan Slater, one of her main characters in the musical Wicked, and a divorce from her ex-husband would be the missing link. According to some reports, they began dating during the filming of the film adaptation of the story; there are several photos together on social networks. Things become so serious between the two that Slater would ask for a divorce from his wife Lilly Jay, with whom he has been in a relationship for over 10 years and with whom he also has a son.

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