Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato: Historic Divorce

Among the summer 2023 cases is a scandalous divorce involving superstars like Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato.

There are various types divorce. Even if everyone is now talking about this, equally sensational, oh Britney Spears whose marriage to Sami Asghari seems to have finally come to an end, there are equally traumatic breakups that are more artistic in nature.

However, this time there is no mention of divorces within the band, in fact they also happen very often, some of them are even unresolvable, as in the historical case with Oasis and the Gallagher brothers. But about a parting that concerns one of the most important agents in the world of rock and pop music.

What does an agent do

One of the most famous names internationally is, of course, the name Scooters Brown. This is not an artist, musician or producer. But an agent, one of the richest and most influential in the absolute sense.

An agent for a musician is what would be a great agent for a football player or athlete. A person who has the right contacts and who can predetermine the success, even financial, of an artist with the help of his intuition and suggestions.

The agent decides almost everything about the artist. He negotiates contracts, deals with various exclusives, gets acquainted with potential sponsors, determines the price of obligations, almost always receiving a percentage of each individual income. Everything about the singer or musician goes through the hands of the manager: costs and benefits, agreements and quotas.

Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato, common factor

The best agents in an absolute sense work exclusively: that is, artists sign a contract with one agent and cannot have others. The agent almost always creates a real stable of his artists in order to use his own portfolio to gain even more power over record companies, companies that organize concerts and major entertainment events.

Justin Bieber left with Scooter Braun – Photo by ANSA (VelvetMusic)

The Braun scooter has become number one internationally in recent years. Signed artists include not only Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Demi Lovato, but also numerous new characters such as Ava Max, Lil Dicky, Quavo, Ozuna, Tori Kelly have been in the spotlight in recent weeks due to a very serious illness. , whom he greeted during rehearsals for his latest show, as well as exceptional names such as the Black Eyed Peas and Will.I.Am.

Scooter Braun is a real agent he treats his artists in all respects, to whom he demands absolute devotion. But things haven’t been going well lately.

Sensational divorce

Ariana Grandewho was probably Scooter Braun’s best client, announced her decision to permanently leave the stable of her manager, with whom she had an exclusive contract since 2013, right from Grande’s first album. Sincerely. The creative divorce that followed the sentimental one was announced a few weeks ago.

Relations between them were tense for some time. According to what some magazines have written in recent days, the singer has complained about the excessive exposure, saying that she is often forced to work in difficult conditions.

A reference, not overly veiled, is his presence on some talk shows a few days later. death of ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. Instead of giving a few exclusive interviews, paying too much money, after a dramatic attack in Manchester in which terrorists killed 22 people, many of whom were children, guests of one of his concerts. The events they saw Ariana Grande shocked several weeks, but always constantly at work, not stopping even for a minute.

Demi is leaving too

A few days earlier, Demi Lovato also confirmed her intention to part ways with Brown, with whom she signed an exclusive contract in 2019: “We are grateful to SB Projects for the time and attention they gave to our project, but we want to move in a new direction…” reads a very official statement attributed to the pop star, who is currently considering other options.

Demi Lovato, she’s also divorcing Brown – Credits ANSA (VelvetMusic)

Even Justin Bieber, one of the first to sign with Brown 15 years ago, seems to have decided to switch agents. A fact that would be sensational, given that their relationship began in 2008 and that a couple of times, when a possible termination of cooperation loomed, both Bieber and Brown denied rumors of a breakup. Meanwhile, J Balvin, another former Braun client, signed with Roc Nation.

Taylor Swift’s Big Case

But the most striking case obviously concerns Taylor Swift. In fact, many fans wonder why the singer-songwriter decided to re-record all of her hugely successful albums one by one.

This is an unprecedented choice, which is precisely due to the dispute, which also involves Scooter Braun.

Taylor Swift has been claiming master recordings for years of his first six albums, which Ithaca Holdings one of the companies now owned by Braun was acquired in 2019 and subsequently sold to private equity firm Shamrock Holdings. In fact, today these six albums are blocked by the interests of a financial company, an investment fund. Whose rights are inviolable.

Taylor Swift’s tour will be the most action-packed ever – Thanks @TaylorSwift Official Instagram (

So Taylor re-recorded his albums one after the other with slight variations. Giving the case a very significant promotion. The public not only did not abandon her, but also supported her in this personal struggle, again buying her new records, named with a simple additional wording – Taylor’s Version – which is also depicted on the cover. Those who don’t buy prefer to stream new episodes. Not the old hostages from previous exclusives. During his last, triumphant Era Tour Taylor Swift announced the imminent release of its new version 1989 (Taylor version) scheduled for October 27th.

When asked about the significance of this decisive initiative of his, he answered very simply: “Because I believe that the author and artist have every right to always retain ownership of what they record…”.

Even Justin Bieber can leave

By this point, 42-year-old Scooter Braun’s stable had dwindled considerably. The return of a negative image, especially in connection with the Taylor Swift case, has certainly caused serious damage to the manager. Who currently maintains relationships with several artists, all exclusively for their SB Projects.

Despite the denials, the next to leave him could be his own Justin Bieber. According to a source very close to the Canadian artist, Bieber has been working on his new album for six months now. But in all that time, he would never have had a direct relationship with Brown, who in the meantime forcibly entered the K-Pop market by acquiring a majority stake in a production company.

HYBE, which includes numerous first-class stars among groups and artists.

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