Ariana Grande, new love – Ethan Slater? Details

NEW YORK, USA) – Turn the page at least from the sentimental side, Ariana Grande. Returning from separation from husband Dalton Gomez, the pop star will ‘comfort’ the actor Ethan Slaterco-star in his musical’Wicked‘: ‘Tmz’ announces this.

Ariana Grande, Ethan Slater – new love?

Some sources said that there would be one between them certain understandingalthough it is not clear if this is the beginning connection or a fleeting flirt. However, social media first couple shot has already begun to circulate since last March when the cast celebrated the victory Academy Award actresses Michelle Yeoh.

Ariana Grande-Ethan Slater: gossip since March?

Rumors of a possible flirtation between Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater would start with Wimbledon: the pop star actually sat in the stands center field during the final between Djokovic AND Alcaraz. In this case, the post, born in 1993, would be noticed no wedding ring after separating from her now ex-husband Dalton Gomez which took place, according to Tmz, in January last year.

Who is Ethan Slater

Actor, singer, composer and writer, Ethan Slater he got his big break when he was cast Spongebob in the musical’SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical‘. 31 years old, unmistakable red hair color, Slater he is married to a singer Lilly Jay since 2018. They have a child in 2022. According to Tmz, he was already at odds with his wife when he met Ariana Grande on set (convicts?)’Wicked‘.

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