Ariana Grande on the Mac Miller Tragedy: An Open Wound

The disappearance of ex-boyfriend Mac Miller still causes deep sadness for Ariana Grande, who remembered the rapper five years after his death.

More than ten years have passed since the engraving. Pathsong that led to great success Ariana Grande and Mac Miller who at that time were also a couple in life.

And since the tragic death of the rapper, which his ex-girlfriend recalled a few hours ago, almost five years have passed. Although they were no longer together at the time and she was already engaged to comedian Pete Davidson, Ariana could talk about Mac Miller it is always extremely difficult and very painful.

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller

In interviews that Ariana Grande often agreed, one of the conditions that the artist put was precisely not to ask questions about the rapper, who died of an overdose in 2018.

Life Mac Miller it was not easy, often accompanied by an addiction to drugs and drugs. Ariana could be her lifeline: the singer often put her boyfriend in front of an alternative. It’s either us or the drugs. But there were always many relapses, too many. And in the end, after three years of engagement, after a very long friendship that began before Grande became a superstar, they broke up.

Ariana has always stayed close to Mac in an attempt to protect him, but also to offer him an alternative that would be primarily human: “Few could afford to tell him the truth, and I was one of the very few who told him how it was. Sometimes he listened to me, but in the end, his weaknesses almost always proved stronger than any of his talents. I couldn’t bear the fact that he often chose to destroy you, and I took the consequences very hard that I couldn’t be the one to change him unless he really decided to try to do it first. Months of discussions, clarifications, promises have passed. I’m terribly sorry… I don’t know what I’d give to convince him…”

tragic death

After breaking off an engagement with Ariana Grande, Mac Miller he lavishly immersed himself in his artistic career, producing extensively and achieving great success. Even as an author. But he never solved his personal problems, obviously insurmountable.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of his untimely death. Miller and much of the music community still hasn’t fully come to grips with the rapper’s death. Among those primarily distraught by his lethal overdose is, of course, his own Ariana Grande. In the meantime, they got married, separated, got engaged again. But on the occasion of the decade Path, Aryan edited and posted their video along with an unambiguous caption… Love you.

The portrayals of these two are great and it’s rare to see Mac Miller so smiling, relaxed and happy. They have a camera with them, which they never parted with and which became one of the main characters of the video. Mac has often spoken about how he continued to photograph Ariana even when he least expected it: “She often gets angry, but then we look at her faces and laugh a lot… there are no people as funny as her.”

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