Ariana Grande on Using Fillers and Botox: ‘I Used Them to Cover Up’

The video in question is taken from content posted on Youtube along with the magazine. Fashion, Vogue beauty secretin which the interviewed stars talk about how they apply makeup and express themselves through makeup, as well as their insecurities and thoughts about the world of cinema. beautywhat does it mean to look and what influence does it have? public figure.

Feel at home in your body, according to Julia Peditto.

Ariana Grande: her relationship with beauty and fame

During the interview, Ariana Grande talks about growing up in the Broadway spotlight and how it inevitably affected her relationship with beauty understood in a broad sense. “I feel like my relationship with beauty has changed a lot over the years, especially since I started getting into it at an early age.”
“Be exposed at such a young age so many different voices – it’s really difficult,” the singer explains, “especially when everyone around you always has say something about your appearance. But at 17 you don’t understand a lot of what’s happening to you.”

@arianagrande was the most nervous I’ve ever been, and definitely not the best makeup I’ve ever done, but we had a great time 🙂 thank you for accepting me and making room for my very cancerous humanity. Director: @Gabriellereich Cinematographer: Alex Hass Editor: Michael Suyeda Vogue Entertainment Director (and dear friend): Sergio Kletnoy @Vogue #VogueBeautySecrets ♬ original audio – arianagrande

Using fillers and botox for concealment

It is precisely because his appearance has always been at the center of his personality. Ariana Grande explains that he very often used draw upand not only that, as one mask. “For many years I used makeup as a disguise; extension after extension, eyeliner getting thicker and so on.” The same goes for cosmetic surgery and cosmetic procedures such as botox and fillers at various points of the face: “For the sake of transparency, I admit that I resorted to one a ton of lip fillers and botox in years; I stopped completely in 2018 because I felt like I had exaggeratedI realized that I was hiding.”
The fans, of course, liked the honesty and sincere emotions that ran through the singer’s tear-stained eyes.
Today, as he admitted to Vogue cameras, he no longer intends to hide: “I stopped doing filler and Botox injections, maybe one day I will start again, I don’t know. I support anything that makes us feel beautiful. For me, however, it was like “damn, I want to see wrinkles on my smile and around my eyes, I deserve them.

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