Ariana Grande will have new attendance after Dalton Gomez

Jailbird would be a set Wickednew movie inspired by the Broadway musical of the same name and history Wizard of Oz.

Here Ariana Grande he would meet and start dating his colleague Ethan Slater, 31-year-old American. Although the singersave your tears” often showed herself in the company Jonathan Baileywith whom she was also seen Wimbredon along with the former Spider-Man Andrew Garfieldtoday we discover that going out with the other actors was just a way to reset (and perhaps protect) a new flirtation.

But after the announcement of a divorce from her husband Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande she decided to go out with her new partner, showing herself with him in public for the first time. After all, the two are said to have been dating for some time. marriage between Ariana Grande And Husband it already ended in January, so it’s understandable that the 30-year-old is ready for a new love.

Ariana and Dalton they broke up in January. She and Ethan recently started dating and he broke up with his wife,” the source said. People confirmation that sympathy between Big and Slater started after his marriage to a real estate agent fell apart.

V movie Wicked Ariana will play the good witch Glinda, while Ethan will play the role of Bok, Elphaba’s sister’s love interest, Nessarose.

Since Slater has nothing to do with divorce Between Ariana Grande AND Dalton Gomezseems like shooting Wicked influenced the stability of the couple, which, in fact, then decided to leave. “He is very focused on his career and has to live in LA and that was a problem for them. Dalton’s career is full, and he doesn’t often get away from Los Angeles. So when Big he started spinning Wicked in England she Gomez they weren’t ready for a long-distance marriage.”

However, time zone, distance, and diametrically opposed lives eventually wear out the relationship, even though there is no hatred or malice between them. “Ari has nothing but kind words to say about Dalton. During their marriage, he was her number one fan, ”concluded the insider, not unbuttoning too much, about the new acquaintance of the singer“ For the Last Time ”, today in front of gossip.

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