Ariano: Fedele Gizzi, the mayor of the poor, died 22 years ago

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Ariano Irpino passed away exactly 22 years ago Fedele GizzyThe gentleman politician and mayor of the city symbolized with the poor of the past.

An exemplary person who left an indelible mark among people for his great humanity, righteousness and attention to the common good. A personality that has not yet been valued and paid tribute with a worthy title.

Therefore the sons of Fluvius and Enzo requested directly to the mayor Enrico Franza and the president of the topographical commission of the municipality, Ariano Irpino, to name a new square, street or other place after Fedele Gizzi.

“Taking into account that the Administration of the Municipality of Ariano Irpino intends to name public places in favor of the memory and memory of people with special social and civic virtues, also assessing the importance of commemorating those who have invested time, skill, commitment and passion in serving the common good and their community by representing an example to future generations, we request regarding the naming of an intersection or street in memory of Fedele Gizzi , who died on 24 June 2001 and is remembered today. The community of Ariano Irpino as an example of civic and public commitment.”

his biography

Fedele Gizzy Born on October 5, 1917 and died on June 24, 2001. He graduated in Literature and Philosophy at the Federico II University of Naples on November 29, 1939. He was first a teacher and then principal in middle schools and Gaetano Bruno Technical. Institute in Ariano Irpino.

He was elected Municipal Councilor in 1946 and 1952 on the Communist Party list. In 1954 he joined the ranks of the Christian Democrats and was elected in the municipal elections of 1956–1960–1964–1970–1975–1980.

He was mayor from 1964 to 1970 and from 1974 to 1975, the year in which he held the position of president of the mountain community of Ufita and of the provincial administration of Avellino.

Very active and great supporter of the Association of Fighters and War Veterans with his brother friend the late Antonio Lizzo.

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