Ariel Winter abandons his university studies



At the end of last September, Ariel Winter-one of the young stars of ‘Modern Family’- he fulfilled his great dream to start his studies of Political Science at the University of California, Los Angeles. However, as it has now announced herself, finally had to park temporarily their time at university to focus on the last season of the series that has given him fame.

“I love UCLA, in truth, yes, but for the moment I am taking a break to be able to continue to evolve in my career and at the same time try to have a life because up until now he had been very busy. And that’s all”, explained in a statement to Entertainment Tonight. The interpreter because she was forced to postpone a year of their landing in the school due to their professional commitments with the successful television fiction, which were incompatible with a schedule of student.

In spite of this delay in their plans, the beautiful brunette always had very clear that to continue with your academic education was a priority even above that of his career: Ariel started to act still just a girl, for the decision is not yours, but his mother, with whom to this day does not keep any kind of contact, as has been explained on numerous occasions, and although enjoy thoroughly with your current role as Alex Dunphy, the reality is that to get in front of cameras never was his great dream.

“I still think that education is very important and I love to go to classes. I love to learn and will continue to do so”, says now, before going on to comment on what projects you would like to embark after the end of ‘Modern Family’.

“Actually, I’m interested in any offer with which I identify, or I deem fit, that is a new character that has not done before. I’m open. I like to do and try different things, so in my case we’ll see what happens”.What has not made mention of the actress is if the harassment which he suffered on a daily basis both on the way to class as when you went to the supermarket with her boy, has been an influential factor also in your decision.

“Well, the paparazzi have managed to ruin with the success of my first day of classes. Thanks”, he wrote with a lot of sarcasm, and clearly angry at his Twitter profile on September, after a few images of him arriving at the center of UCLA, wearing a tight-fitting white t-shirt and his jeans extra short favorites ended up being analyzed in the social networks to judge the appropriateness or not of their attire.