Ariel Winter and Luke Benward strengthen your relationship



Beyond the high levels of discretion and caution with which both are trying to manage your brand-new history of love, on which no one wanted to speak publicly yet, sources in the environment of Ariel Winter, one of the leading young people of the popular series ‘Modern Family’, wanted to make it clear that the dating of the actress and also actor Luke Benward has the wind in stern and that, to this day, is practically consolidated.

“Ariel is very happy next to Luke and is convinced that their relationship has much of a future. He loves his charisma, his energy and the way it makes you feel special. It may be that Ariel is trying to go unnoticed in this aspect, to the point that even talking about the subject with many of his friends, but it is clear that you are dating. They are in a very sweet moment of their lives,” he assured a reporter to the magazine US Weekly.

That would explain, for example, that the two performers would come separately to one of the parties subsequent to the ceremony of the Golden Globes, specifically, which was organized jointly by Warner Bros and InStyle magazine in the face Sunday night. Once within the exclusive Beverly Hilton hotel, however, both were reunited and were inseparable throughout the event.

A few hours before, interestingly enough, Luke and Ariel broke up briefly the policy of secrecy that have been applied to avoid, to the extent possible, the proliferation of comments prying about their romance by sharing on the social networks some other message romantic to the couple that sweetened.

“Today I look very cute, but never as cute as ‘baby yoda’, because this level of cuteness is impossible to achieve,” joked the artist on Twitter at the time that made reference to the high-demand dolls from the popular character of ‘Star Wars’. “I told you so, it is impossible to [reservarlo]. But you’re much more adorable,” he answered her boy just then.