Ariel Winter becomes a clone of the style of Kylie Jenner


It is one of the actresses revelation of the time and feels happy with his body. At 19 years of age newly met, at the Ariel Winter is not worried about the criticism about her curvy figure and no doubt wear it with a bold design that more than once have led to harsh criticism in the social networks.

One of them was a peculiar model signed by Yousef Al Jasmi that wore during the ceremony of the Emmy Awards in 2016 and that, some time ago, had already carried Kylie Jenner in the fashion Week New York. The first of many other coincidences between both young people.

kylie jenner, ariel winter
Kylie, and Ariel with the same design of Yousef Al Jasmi in 2016 / Gtres

You just need to take a look at the account of Instagram of Ariel to realize that the a member of the guild of television’s most popular seems to have become his main source of inspiration, but sometimes also Jennifer Lopez has been one of his influences. With only 20 years, Kylie is a successful entrepreneur thanks to her own signature cosmetics and triumphs as an ‘influencer’ of the fashion sector, and young population.

An aspect that also seems to have made a dent in the star Modern Family when choosing their sexy outfits. Even, you can see a certain physical resemblance between them; possessing stunning curves, you also opt for outfits ‘beauty’ are very similar.

Ariel made her debut in the famous series with only 11 years old and since then his body underwent a striking transformation. In any occasion, the actress has confessed that he had problems during his adolescence because of physical changes by which he was crossing triggered a lot of insecurity. Fortunately, featured a great amount of support, among whom was Sofia Vergara who showed the confidence they had with their own curves.

Now Ariel Winter has another icon to follow. If you want to see the times that the actress wanted to be like Kylie Jenner, do not hesitate to click on our gallery.