Ariel Winter has a story about their alleged commitment


Ariel Winter, Levi Meaden

Movie Inc

What is home or not?

A photograph can say a lot and nothing. This was proven when they released a picture where supposedly Levi Meaden he was asking for the marriage to Ariel Winter. In the photo the actor is taking his bride by the hand, to the point of bending over or kneeling. Both were aware of the presence of the paparazzi and looking at you with a face of ‘what now?’.

For many, the image was a confirmation of that Maeden and Winter had taken the next step in their courtship, but the protagonist of Modern Family just clarifies the true history behind this time.

“Levi tied my shoelaces after eating and now, apparently, it was a fun way to propose (marriage) in front of the cameras, according to the Internet?????????. Friend, we hadn’t even noticed his presence until he jumped behind a tree, and no”.

But not that, or it was all over. A fan questioned why her boyfriend she laced up her tennis, and she gave a heartwarming explanation:

“Yup! I never learned to do it :)))))))))) Definitely not, my back has been aching a lot this week and he was incredibly sweet and helped me”.