Ariel Winter, new change of image, and another ‘look’ too much like Kylie Jenner


The Los Angeles Dodgers organized their third gala Blue Diamond next to the cream of the crop of sport American and some other personality in the media willing to tread with panache on the blue carpet of the event. But what is certain is that he did that a whole procession of baseball players are cast headfirst into the blue carpet, or if you want the very Larry King was there present, because who grabbed really all flashes? In effect, it was Ariel Winter arriving at the appointment of the hand of Levi Meaden. The pair of interpreters posed the most candy for the media, however, this was not what he was interested in the press and social networks. The center of the controversy was the change of image of the actress, his reaction to the statements of his mother, Chrisoula Workman —who asked publicly to stop showing off and “would wear more appropriate”, according to his own words—, as well as the outfit that I had chosen for the occasion. And what do we find?

Ariel Winter premiered for the first time in a photocall —not in the streets— their new beauty look, in what seemed like a tribute to his “namesake” Disney: the little mermaid. A few days since we saw it wander California with a radical change of image, and that is that while many other celebrities cut to the chase, the star of Modern Family advocated the opposite, and stood a few eye-catching extensions. In addition, moving the hair black, to which we had become accustomed to lately, by a bright tone redhead. For the occasion, combed her hair with a central parting and waves practically broken. But then there was the thing. As to their dress, Ariel went back to pick one of those looks hyper-seductive that you love. It was a minidress strapless silhouette slinky, black background, and appliqué-metallic gold accompanied by sandals minimalist of narrow strips. A look that to his detractors and fans of the clan Kardashian reminded them of much that Kylie Jenner would be a month before.


The truth is that, in comparing the images, it seem to be the yin and the yang. Two sides of the same coin that complement each other to perfection, a key dark and the other purely soft. To attend a promotional event, the small of the Kardashian chose a dress with straps spaghetti and print striped Bec & Bridge, along with some sandals blue heaven in key minimal of Stuart Weitzman. Come on, it could be the version sweetened of Ariel Winter. What do you think of you? Do you have reason their followers and their looks have a similar more than reasonable?.