Ariel Winter or how to ignore the opinion of others | Style


Ariel Winter, last April.

In Modern Family Ariel Winter almost always goes away. His voice as Alex Dunphy tends to get drowned out between the wit of their greatest, including Ed O’neill, Julie Bowen, or that vozarrón that does not stop Sofia Vergara. His character, moreover, is the middle daughter, made a sandwich between the fun drunkenness of Sarah Hyland and the mischief of Nolan Gould, his brothers in fiction. But the 18-year-old is in giving that talk now that you’ve decided to dress up as you want showing both the body and gives you the win. The photos will happen either in the pages of society or in social networks, many of them selfies with that, the actress shows off her curves in tiny bikinis, short shorts and foam baths and costumes daring. Nothing to do with that image that over the years got used to the audience of the comedy television, your body is always buried between books, it nerd and sweaters four sizes too large and her gaze after a few glasses. Winter has attained the age of majority in saying “here I am” images. And its now two million followers on Instagram, and adding to that, have heard it loud and clear.

“Wow!!! I don’t think so. I love you so much”, he thanked the interpreter in the networks when it came to this figure in a message filled with little hearts and smiles, accompanied by a photo of her wearing a small bikini patriotic. Throughout this year there have been photographs which are provocative of a young actress known also in the united States as the voice of a children’s series Sofia the First, and that until recently used to be a discreet adolescent. One day he was a t-shirt cut and ombliguera Burt Reynolds was the sight of the huge tattoo of a scorpion. The other, a pair of shorts while posing provocatively with his back to the camera. And then there is that tight dress with neckline heart attack that led to the celebration of his graduation from the institute. A succession of images that have gone viral to the before invisible girl. Pictures for those who are not getting caught by his cry of defiance accompanied by a direct dialogue with their followers which make it still more clear. “We teach a lot in this shooting night,” he said in the message accompanying a picture of her in shorts. And what about their response to the criticism that they are falling to this child star? “If you don’t like it, don’t buy”. It has become a strong advocate of the woman’s body and that each one look at how more comfortable you feel.

Many are already talking about the new Britney Spears. Or compare her with Lindsay Lohan. Even with Miley Cyrus. The comparison is not a question of talent, rather lies in that brutal change from childhood to womanhood, a transition to more high-profile to take place in front of the attention of all. But the 180 degree change from who began working as an actress at the age of 7 and 11 was already a part of Modern Family has been somewhat more gradual. As she herself acknowledged to the magazine Glamour, his childhood was never normal, fruit of a home where I never felt supported. Quite the contrary, she says that her mother, Chrisoula Workman, did not do more than push it to work in the entertainment industry. A situation that came to request his emancipation legal when he was just 14 years alleging abuse emotional and physical. What he achieved in 2015, while still a minor.

In those same years, Winter also grew disproportionately in size in an industry known for the worship of the bodies tiny. Your small height, little more than a meter and a half, made even more remarkable by the rotundez of its forms. Something that initially tried to hide with models tailor-made and well swollen, that she looked both on the red carpet as in the series. “I am an actress and that is what I do, I do. But inside I was not feeling well,” he confessed to the press in reference to their tribulations in a body that is not recognized as their own. His discomfort was not only mental but physical, with breasts that are too voluptuous to a body, often causing severe back pain. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back and the last year underwent an operation of breast reduction. I was 17 years old. As it has been assured, his decision was a release and now Winter teaches proud of the scars of its operation. And as it says clearly in his account of Instagram, not like, look for another hobby. “Enjoy who you are” is his new philosophy of life, a message which, inspired by Kim Kardashian, wants to take the rest of his followers.