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The actress of “Modern family” looks unrecognizable after dramatic weight loss

For good or for bad, her figure has always been in the news. First thing to be voluptuous and now so thin that it looks. This is the actress Ariel Winter, who looks unrecognizable for his noticeable weight loss.

The beautiful actress of 20 years, had already shared in your account Instagrma, the changes that he had implemented to his life, as some routines of exercise.

As a result, Winter looks a spectacular figure. However been given to understand that he did not do so to please no one, according to published international media.

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A publication shared ARIEL WINTER (@arielwinter) the

“I’m going to start working on a relationship with myself. I think that is the most important thing we can teach young people(…) Posting photos and I don’t care. If someone does not like, then do not follow me,” said the actress.

To have grown up in front of the cameras took a toll. As tends to happen to most of exestrellas child. Ariel was a victim of bullying. “I like the way that I look, I posted for a purpose. If you don’t like the way I look, I’m sorry,” he added.

“I think that on the internet you have a veil and no one sees you; and you are only behind by writing bad things. But it is difficult to say in person. So I would like to ask them if I would say in my face”, remarked Ariel.