Ariel Winter shared a photo makeup and unleash the controversy


Ariel Winter has had to face many controversies throughout his career: numerous comments about the revealing outfits that you choose on the red carpet and out of it; innuendo to accuse him of plagiarizing the looks Kylie Jenner; and has even had a confrontation with his mother, Chrystal Workman, by the statements which he made second to the magazine US Weekly that saddened her because her daughter had to be exposed that way when you do not have need of to do it.” However, the latter has been for a reason totally opposite, the actress climbed up a publication to your social networks with a look that is much closer to that of Alex Dunphythe role he plays in the hit series ‘Modern Family’: without makeup and with a simple tank top of a gray color.

In the snapshot taken by an anonymous person, you can see Ariel waiting while refuelling at a petrol station and he liked it so much the actress that she shared in the capture on Instagram, ensuring that he had never seen a more faithful picture of itself. The problem arose when some users of the social network complained the content alleging violation of the rights of copyright the person who took the photograph and was removed without your consent.

Winter was not slow to react, as tends to do when engulfed in a controversy, raising the post again with a text in which says – among other things – that if the photographer violated your space at least should be able to use the material. In addition, he warned that I would not hesitate to re-upload it as many times as necessary if they returned to report the content. And in this new battle in the social networking is not alone as his partner, the also actor Levi Meaden, has also turned to their social networks to upload the same image in which he says: “The public also because apparently invasion of privacy is okay, but use a picture of yourself in there????? Agree…”.

After this crusade in the network, both have received many comments from its followers and the opinions are divided: some say that it is an injustice what is happening to Ariel and others warn the actors that they should understand the principles of the law of Copyright and of the intellectual property. We will have to wait to see if the image remains where it is, or if this battle has not just begun.