Ariel Winter surprises us with her new image much more thin


Actress Ariel Winter, known internationally for his role in Modern Family, has had to confront several times to the criticism about their body. Criticism unnecessary, because no one should question the physical state of another person, and more when you only know through social networks.

The actress has always championed its curves, and, in fact, has faced these ‘haters’ that the critics by pulling neckline or wear a short dress: “You’re right. I guess that shouldn’t have surprised me. And I guess if this is what you should expect, then you should also expect that my small high heels what a kick right between his legs. My body is mine no matter what you use. Women are not objects to be petted. Point”he replied on one occasion.

However, although the young man seems to have no problems with the weight or complexes that should feel ashamed, it is true that he has lost a few pounds. And that is something undeniable that is seen at a glance in one of his most recent photos from Instagram, something that has surprised his followers.

However, you lost weight on purpose or for any other reason, what is certain is that Ariel Winter is beautiful.

Ariel Winter in August of 2017: