Ariel Winter, the sexy star of ‘Modern Family’, does not follow any diet


To be clear: Ariel Winter is not deprived of anything and he wants all his fans to know that. Although the physical appearance of the actress has changed dramatically since that leaped to fame giving life to Alex Dunphy in the series ‘Modern Family’ -somewhat understandable, on the other hand, taking into account that he earned that role when he was just 11 years old, she has wanted to leave clear that this transformation should not be in any way a restrictive diet.

My friend sent me a article hilarious that you seem to have posted about my ‘strict diet’ and how just I go out to eat outside the home if it is a healthy food and sugar in my house… HAHAHA As all carbs possible, and each week I prepare soft cookies with chunks of chocolate”, has clarified the 20-year-old via his Twitter account.

The performer has always maintained a love-hate relationship with social networks, due to the criticism and harassment that has had to endure at times through this platform, but in other it will also have proved to be a very useful tool to clarify the stories crazier that circulate about her or to communicate directly with their followers as he wanted to make now. Despite this, the past month of July, temporarily closed his Twitter and Instagram to retire from public life, as explained through the Stories of your Instagram, tired of the constant harassment that ensures suffer in their day-to-day at the hands of the paparazzi, but fortunately for his fans, eventually, he changed his mind.