Ariel Winter was reduced breasts | Today


Ariel Winter, who plays Alex in the american series “Modern Family”, was surprised with his weight loss and the reduction of her bust.

In the past few months has seen Ariel Winter with a considerable loss of weight why? The change of his medications for his depression and a breast reduction.

It was in 2015 that the actress of 21 years took the decision to reduce the bust. Once entry into puberty, Ariel happened to be a girl “flat”, as she described, a woman curvy. This not only brought him back problems, and also thousands of harassing messages he received on social networks.

A lot of people were confused after my surgery because they say that I try to motivate people to love their bodies for what they are but I lowered the bust. The truth is that my body was gorgeous before but I did something because I felt that it was best for me. She had back problems and I was not feeling good in my own skin“he said in an interview in 2015.

Now the actress of Modern Family looks a lot more thin and the reason is the change of your medication. A teenager Ariel Winter has suffered from depression, and her treatment made her gain weight.

Ariel Winter not only looks great but feels safe and happy, that is what is most important.