Arisa: “I will not be attending the Prides in Milan and Rome… Huge humiliation, they advised me not to go there to prevent some of the LGBTQ+ community from embarrassing me”

The singer tried to straighten the shot on “Domenica Inn”, following her statements during the interview with Peter Gomez on “La Confession”, but it wasn’t enough. Hence the decision not to participate in Pride anymore

Rise during the last interview withConfession” Of Peter Gomez But nine had announced: “Now we will Pride in Rome on the 10th and then we’ll do it in Milan on the 24th of June And I’d like to try to broaden the representation that we have a little bit, also with regard to community media LGBTQ+, which is not only composed of caricatures, slightly vulgar, blatant things, but also composed of very ordinary people”. but it won’t because Rise is decided, advised by its employees, no longer to be a part of two demonstrations,

The singer’s words have sparked controversy and uproar from the LGBTQ+ community so much so that she has declared that she applauds Prime Minister Meloni “because he has a lot of kajjima” despite his views on rights being “not open”. , but if certain things are explained to him with patience and love, it can take us to a higher level”, as well as the idea of ​​what the rainbow community would need to get more attention from institutions: “I think we should stop the scaremongering. On the contrary, we have to prove that we are WOW people!, Hours after the ‘offense’ straight Instagram made the situation worse: “I never ask you for anything, it’s not like I count on your support, you don’t even buy records. I must be Lady Gaga. “

Not even the last participation in “in sunday” He calmed spirits: “I said that I like Meloni, then there are difficulties with the acceptance and recognition of the rights of the LGBTQ + community, it is true: I would like it to be clear that I am not a flag bearer, I am not a flag bearer. I have been fifteen years on the side of the community and will be there till the end of my life. I don’t want to be exposed as a traitor, I ask Signora Meloni not to help me in any way,

To the last communication made on social media: “Dear boys and girls, I am very sorry for the moment we are experiencing and I hope that with time we will be able to communicate again. – Artist Announced – for now this is a huge insult from some of you i don’t know how to explain, Today my manager was advised by the organizers to tell me Not to be seen in Pride in Milan Because of the hypothesis that some members of the community might embarrass me in some way, I would have gladly come, but if I’ve done something so serious that it deserves such special treatment, I don’t think I can join Rome Pride. I will also participate. I’m really sorry. Happy Pride everyone, have fun with me too, I wish you find a successful plan and make your legitimate dreams come true to be happy, I really wish you this from the bottom of my heart. I’ll continue to hang out with old friends and I’ll let them tell me. But before I say goodbye, I want to mention one last thing: diversity comes from ideas, experiences, and ways of looking at life. diversity is wealth, you taught me that Don’t judge people because they don’t think exactly like you, maybe people out there love you just as much, but don’t think like you. Times change, mothers turn white, flowers bloom and then wither, and are reborn again. You have to work at it and always believe in it. If you play the love card you will always win”.

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