Armed Forces Central Hospital won second place in the first National Pediatric Debate Competition

Santo Domingo.- The Central Teaching University Hospital of the Armed Forces won second place in the “First National Pediatric Debate” organized by the General Directorate of Medical and Postgraduate Residency (UNADE) of the National Defense University of the Ministry of Defense (MIDE)..

The event was held in the independent hall of MIDE and was attended by resident doctors and specialists from 10 pediatric centers in the Dominican Republic. The first place in the debate was the Maternal and Child Hospital of San Lorenzo de los Mina and the third place was the Regional Hospital Antonio Moussa PhD.

Over the course of several hours, the doctors, accompanied by experts and specialists in reception, admission and triage (RAC) operational procedures, tested their ability to triage patients by identifying and managing sick and critically ill children who came to the hospital. knowledge. Hospital emergencies in the country.

The initiative aims to enhance the learning, competitiveness and effective resolution of clinical cases among child health professionals, identify diseases such as pneumonia, bronchiolitis and provide accurate diagnosis to infants.

Participating pediatric hospitals are Dr. Robert Read Cabral, Dr. Hugo Mendoza; San Vicente de Paul Regional University Hospital, Dr. Arturo Grullón, Juan Pablo Pina; Dominican Air Force Dr. Ramon de Lara Military University Teaching Hospital and United Medical University Clinic.

The meeting was attended by relevant personnel from the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCyT), the Dominican Medical College (CMD), the Dominican Pediatric Society and the Medical Housing Authority of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MISPAS). In addition, representatives of the UNADE authorities, the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), the Pontifical Catholic University of Our Lady (PUCMM) and the Central University of the Orient (UCE).

During the event, UNADE Rector, Brigadier General Francisco A. Ovalle Pichardo, ERD, and Colonel Neurologist, emphasized the importance of promoting continuous health education for the well-being of children. Juan de Jesús Fernández Lajara, general director of the Department of Defense Medicine and Postgraduate Residency, said it was an “academic strategy designed to keep students competitive and encourage them to conduct research.”

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