Arnold Schwarzenegger Criticizes the “Boring” Oscar Delivery

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The actor and former governor of California did not hesitate to declare that he only saw a third of the event, and that future installment should have a master of ceremonies again

The actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has had no qualms about expressing in a very direct way what, certainly, many thinks of the last Oscar awards ceremony, one of the least seen in history and whose audience ratings fell 58% compared to the previous edition.

The former governor of California has openly revealed while passing through Jimmy Kimmel’s night program – the last master of ceremonies to have had the big night in Hollywood – that he could not resist changing the channel before one of the television shows most “boring” you have ever seen. At least the actor, famous among many other roles for that of the “Terminator” saga, was able to witness around “a third” of the maligned event.

As he explained in his conversation with the comedian, future awards of the Oscars should recover as soon as possible the aforementioned figure of the master of ceremonies, since in his opinion they bring humor, rhythm, and fluidity to a broadcast whose duration does not usually fall below the three hours.

It should be remembered that, as of the 2018 edition with the aforementioned Jimmy Kimmel as a presenter, this important role has been vacant as the ratings for the ceremonies fell. The 2019 installment should have been hosted by the actor and comedian Kevin Hart, but the emergence of a series of homophobic jokes that he had made in the past forced him to resign from the assignment to spend some time in a discreet background.


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