Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals details of surgery that nearly ended his life

via youtube video title Starting Over: Heart Surgery Returns, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a few details about the open heart surgery he underwent in 2018, he finished A total disaster.

Arnold was already in the operating room replace one pulmonary valve Due to congenital problems, it has been changed since 1997. This made the protagonist feel a little more at ease. terminatorWHO underwent surgery a few months before filming of the sixth film began. However, when she woke up from surgery, doctors gave her chilling news.

“I woke up suddenly and the doctor sat across from me and said, ‘We’re sorry, but instead of what we planned, we planned a non-invasive procedure – just go through the heart and replace the valve – we made a mistake and we wore through the heart wall, so we had to cause internal bleeding and cut you open very quickly … to save your life,” Arnold recounts in the video.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on 2018 surgery: ‘I’m in the midst of a disaster’

The actor immediately realized that he was in a catastrophic situation, but thanks to his usual discipline, he managed to pull himself together, recovered and was released from the hospital as quickly as possible.

“The bottom line is the clock cannot be turned back. This is a disaster. I’m in a mess. How do I get rid of it now? You have to change gears. Pick yourself up, switch gears, and say, ‘Okay, all I have to do now is get out of this hospital,'” the 75-year-old actor explained.

Thus, the recovery process happens gradually. Arnold shared that he was the first to get out of bed by himself, which was quite an accomplishment at first. Then he walked a few steps around the ward, In no time he had walked the entire length of the fence.The actor shows off footage of his recovery in hospital Use a treadmill with an oxygen tank. Schwarzenegger said he felt “like an idiot” walking through the hospital but needed to exercise his lungs to avoid getting sick.

“I was walking up and down the hall looking like an idiot, but it was important that I walked because the doctors said you have to exercise your lungs because if you get pneumonia you’re going to die,” Arnold explained.

“I looked like an idiot walking down the corridor, but it was important that I walked because the doctor said you have to exercise your lungs because if you get pneumonia, you’re going to die,” Arnold guaranteed.

The former bodybuilder has not recovered from the disastrous surgery which caused the wall of his heart to perforate itself. For most of the process, he was helped by friends who came to the hospital to support him, like preparing for a bodybuilding competition, but this time, he traded weights for small steps, and his team Steps must be counted to remain accurate. Record his performance and get better.

It is because of this support and “positive attitude” that Arnold recovers in three monthsjust in time for the shooting scene Terminator: A Hidden Fate. It is true that the actor was in a race against time, but in his words, he did not let his desperation get the better of him, and despite everything against him, he overcame himself and made the film as planned.

Arnold recovered in time to record his action scenes in Terminator 6

“I want to start exercising, get out of the hospital as soon as possible, and start training again. Because in three months I start terminator 6. So I have to stay in shape. I had to be able to move, run, lift things, shoot fight scenes.We do it because I have a positive attitude, I know exactly what I’m going to do, I have a support system – because we can’t do it all alone – when I start filming terminator 6 It’s all back together,” the actor said of the experience that brought him to the brink of death.

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