Artist Covers That Made Music Albums Unique

How many of you get inspired and buy a book or album cover, Certainly in many cases, and in any case, the images printed on the cover are an important calling card that in some way anticipate the content and influence our attitude towards it.

History of Warhol, Hirst, Koons album covers

In this interesting video by Sotheby’s Art Institute20th century art specialist bernard verry Retells the stories of some of the world’s most famous artist cover albums. we start with signed by legends Andy Warhol For velvet Underground At the time of factory and for Aretha Franklin, a year before the pop artist’s disappearance. after pictures Wolfgang Tillmans for album “White” Of Frank Oceanwho challenged homophobia in the 90s and those Jean Paul Goude for dear grace jones, capable of portraying her in impossible nudes. signed cover is more recent Damien Hirst For red Hot Chili Pepperswhich features a fly sitting on a tablet, a reference to the artist’s London restaurant pharmacology, Finally, the video mentions the album “Artpop” Of Lady Gaga, pictured in a field company with the singer jeff koonswhile standing with a collage in the background Botticelli’s Venus And thisApollo and Daphne by Bernini,

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artist covers in italy

Here in Italy there is no shortage of examples of collaboration between visual artists and musicians. It confirms a phenomenon still in vogue, as demonstrated for example by the cover francesco vezzoli done for one thousand of all three Fedez, Lauro, Bertie, portrayed as the three prides of emile vernon, How can we forget going back a few years Valerio Baruti For “Corner in the Sky” Of lucio dalla Or Andrew Patience For “Robinson” Of Roberto Vecchioni, There are plenty of examples, national and international, recent and less recent, and this, good for both music and art, fosters a mutual appreciation that makes some albums genuine collector’s items.

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