Artist Creates 12 1950s Movie Posters Featuring Marvel and DC Characters

Artist Joe Phillips invites us to see what Marvel and DC movies would have been like in the 50s

Here we bring you a gallery with 12 Marvel and DC superhero movie posters set in the 1950s.

Your Creator, Joe phillips, has baptized the illustrations with the name “Silver Screen Heroes”, mixing in them classic Hollywood film actors with well-known characters in the world of comics.

Who is comic book artist Joe Phillips

He is an artist born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1969. After spending a season in Europe, where he carried out several guerilla street art projects, he returned to the United States to venture into the comics industry.

Phillips went on to work as a cartoonist and cover artist for Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse Comics.. He participated in titles such as: Speed ​​Racer, Mister Milagro, Wonder Woman, Silver Surfer, Thundercats, Midnighter, Doctor Who among others and drew the number Superboy & Risk: Double Shot.

Something that stands out in his biography is his activism and we work for the LGTBIQ + community, among them we can mention Boys Will Be Boys. Prism Comics: Your LGBT Guide To Comics, among others.

12 poster illustrations featuring Marvel and DC comic book characters set in the 1950s



Gregory Peck, Rosalind Russel and Yul Brynner give life to a version of Superman that has nothing to do with the one that hit theaters in 1978, starring Christopher Reeve.

The Incredible Hulk

50's movie superheroes 2

James Cagney and Claudette Colbert are in charge of interpreting the characters taken from the comic that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created in 1962.

Doctor Strange

50s Movie Superheroes 4

On this occasion, Benedict Cumberbatch is not the actor in charge of playing Doctor Strange, but William Powell, who is accompanied by Carole Lombard.

Hombre de Hierro

50s movie superheroes 6

Nobody imagines another Tony Stark other than actor Robert Downey Jr., but surely if we had been in the 50s, Clark Gable would be the best option. Along with him, we have actress Ingrid Bergman and actor Bill Robinson.

The batman

50s movie superheroes 7

Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn leave their classic films to return to make a duo, in this case that of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle.

The Joker’s Wild

50s movie superheroes 1

Another duo, although much crazier than the previous one, is the one starring Danny Kaye and Shirley MacLaine in the movie ‘The Joker’s Wild’, where the two actors take on the role of the insane Joker and Harley Quinn.

Power Girl

50s movie superheroes 12

We leave the duets for a moment to focus on the great blonde of classic cinema, Marilyn Monroe, who individually stars in the film centered on Superman’s cousin, Power Girl.

Vision of the witch

50s movie superheroes 11

With a title loaded with meaning, Lucille Ball and Tyrone Power star in a film centered on the Scarlet Witch and her husband, The Vision. Will the same fate befall this character?


50s movie superheroes 10

Humphery Bogart and Peter Lorre become Hellboy and Abe Saphien respectively, two characters straight out of the pages created by Mike Mignola. Special mention should be made of the monstrous being that comes out after them, created by the master of special effects Ray Harryhausen.

Teen titans

50s movie superheroes 9

The group of young heroes created in 1964 by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani also have their own film, this time starring Mickey Rooney (Robin) and Judy Garland (Wonder Girl).


50s movie superheroes 8

Arthur Curry was not going to be without his own film, so the actor Buster Crabbe and the actress Rita Hayworth are in charge of giving life to the character of Aquaman and Mera respectively.

Wonder woman

50s movie superheroes 3

The last film, and no less important, is the one dedicated to Wonder Woman, where the famous actress Elizabeth Taylor dresses as Diana, being accompanied on screen by the actor Paul Newman.

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