Artists of the world are joined in “Made-in-House Music Festival”


All against the coronavirus, and for this reason was born the project called “Made-in-House Music Festival” in which a large cast together to offer a concert virtual the face of this pandemic that we live in a global manner.

The Covid-19 has been, perhaps, one of the toughest moments that you have had to face in recent years, as this disease has already affected more than three million people and has killed more than 250 thousand people all over the world, which has forced several countries to enter quarantine absolute to be able to cope with this battle.

Through a press release Alex Gallardo, president of Sony Music Latin, says that “while we were all at home, our artists decided to come together to do: to transmit hope and joy to their fans all over the world. I’m excited to not only remind everyone of the importance of staying at home, but also to reward them for doing so, providing them with content extraordinary. We are very pleased with the opportunity to do something positive, together at home.”

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It should be noted that during the development of this event, the idea is also to character of solidarity, the fans to make donations for the fight against the Covid-19 in the web of the WHO.

Because of this there are several artists who have joined this struggle and have performed virtual to send a message of hope and responsibility, and this event is intended for people to understand the necessity of staying at home, while they are distracted with other activities that you will be presenting.

Between the artists that are confirmed are: Andrés Cepeda, Fonseca, Santiago Prieto of Monsieur Perineum, Alexandre Carlo, Arthur Hanlon, Aymée Nuviola & Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Becky G, Camilo, Carlos Sadness, Daniel Habif, Debi Nova, Diego Torres & Yadam, Dino D’ Santiago, DVICIO, Jose Luis Rodriguez “The Puma”, Emilia Ezio, Fito Paez, Francisca Valenzuela Franco de Vita, Gente de Zona, Gepe Gerardo Ortíz, Il Volo, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Lali, Lalo Cruz, Leonel Garcia, Leslie Grace, Lila Downs, Luis Coronel, Luis Figueroa, Maffio Marwan, Mati Gomez, Miranda, Ale Sergi, Juliana Gattas among others.

The hours to see this festival “Made In House” will be held next may 10, will start at 12:00 on the day and will be sent here ⬇

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