As a mermaid and an angel. Jennifer Lopez delighted with a series of reincarnations in a new video

Jennifer Lopez has released a new video (Photo: Instagram)

American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez presented the video for her new single In The Morning.

In a video posted on Lopez’s official YouTube channel, she appears in a variety of impressive looks. In particular, the singer appears to the audience completely naked in the form of an angel and also transforms into a mermaid.

Earlier, Lopez announced that her new video is full of symbolism, and the composition is dedicated to women who cannot end a toxic relationship in which they are not appreciated.

“The video is full of symbolism about dark one-sided relationships and the realization that you cannot change anyone … you can only change yourself !!! Grow your own wings and walk away from someone who doesn’t appreciate what you have to offer, ” she said.

According to the singer, the wings in the video symbolize the power to get out of a painful relationship:

“The song is really about asking someone to treat you right. There is a lot of symbolism in the video. This girl enters into a relationship and she drowns in this water, so she has a mermaid tail. And then, little by little, she begins to grow her own wings, just to be able to get away from the relationship, ”adds Lopez.