As COVID-19, Smartphone shipments Fell To 37 million units


The research Institute leading, Strategy Analytics, which just released its latest report on the number of shipments of smartphones for the month of February. In its report, Strategy Analytics mentioned that it posted a decline in the number and very sharp.

The total mentioned number of smartphones sold compared to February of last year was very different and very strong. Shipping worldwide only reached 61.8 million units, down from 38% in comparison to the previous year. In fact, in February of 2019 reached 99.2 million units.

The majority of the production of smartphones in China is originated, and the outbreak of the COVID-19, production in China slowed in January. It is also the effect that the interruption in the supply chain of many industries in all over the world, not only for consumer electronics.

This has not been an increase with people the it and don’t want to shop in a store. While the impact of the global economy, less consumer spending for goods and supplies, you don’t think are important to have.

“The fear of the plague COVID-19 has focused on Europe, North America and elsewhere, and hundreds of millions of wealthy consumers are not in a locked place, is not able, or do not want to shop for a new device,” said Yiwen Wu, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics

Added by Wu Yiwen, the smartphone industry must work harder than ever before, the sales to increase in the coming weeks as a flash sale online, or are you a big discount for bundling with the products that are preferred, such as smart watches or smart bracelet.

The question is, is this enough to smartphone sales catch up? To increase the number of people infected by the COVID-19-nor more. The extent of the economic impact due to this outbreak, so cutting it reduces the work of some of many people or your income is.

“With an income less, people will tend to be reluctant to upgrade or buy a new device, including smartphones. Of course, this is a challenge that is not easy to deal with by a number of manufacturers,” said Wu Yiwen.