Ash from Popocatepetl is expected to fall over the two cities

Due to the high activity of Popocatepetl in recent days, the Secretariat of Integrated Risk Management and Civil Protection warns: Volcanic ash expected to fall in 2 towns mexico city.

In his latest report on the Popocat├ępetl monitor, he explained that the ash plume is expected to move slowly to the west of the capital, Affects the southern part of the municipalities of Milpa Alta and Tlalpan.

Advice on dealing with ashes

Before the presence of volcanic ash He asked to observe precautions because he inhaled damage to health as:

  • Acute irritation to eyes and respiratory tract.
  • Irritant conjunctivitis or corneal abrasion.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Severe respiratory failure.
  • Excessive secretion of pre-existing mucus.
  • Likelihood of developing obstructive airway disease.

That is why The Mexico City Civil Defense recommends that you:

  • Cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief or face mask.
  • Clean eyes and throat with purified water.
  • Wear glasses and avoid contact lenses to reduce eye irritation.
  • Close or cover windows and stay inside as much as possible.
  • Sweep up the ash so it doesn’t go down the drain.
  • Water the ash-tainted plants and wait for it to clear up.
  • Avoid outdoor activities.
  • Protect pet food.
  • Cover the tank so that it does not become contaminated.
  • Protect girls, boys and the elderly from volcanic ash.

Popocatepetl activity in the last 24 hours

National Disaster Prevention Center (dinner pred) reported that in the past 24 hours, Popocatepetl has 74 eruptionsaccompanied by water vapor, volcanic gases, and sometimes ash.

In addition, he registered 160 minutes of low to moderate tremorAccompanied by continuous emissions of water vapor, gas and low ash, the column reached a height of 1 km. It also recorded two explosions, one minor and one moderate.

Popocat├ępetl warning lights, Senapred recalls Located in Phase II of Amarillowhich is characterized by:

  • some mild to moderate explosions
  • Amplitude tremor occurs
  • Light to moderate ash falls in surrounding towns and some distant cities
  • Ejects incandescent fragments within a 12 km exclusion radius
  • Lahars are expected to descend through the canyon due to the accumulation of ash on the mountain slopes and its interaction with the expected rainfall in the coming weeks.
  • Pyroclastic flows risk not reaching people

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