Ashes from Nevado del Ruiz volcano reach Caldas and Risarada provinces

Colombia’s Geological Service reports that Nevado del Ruiz volcano has experienced an increase in seismic activity related to hydrodynamics within the mountain in recent days, resulting in continued emissions of volcanic ash.

Germán Páez, director of Caldas’ risk management department, reiterated that the steam, gas and ash plumes are part of the reactivation process of the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, which has been on yellow alert for more than 10 years. or level III activity.

On the other hand, health authorities insist that the ash from the volcanic eruption may have some impact on the health of Caldensians, so Carlos Humberto Orozco Tellez, Health Minister of the Caldens state capital, said: Humberto Orozco Téllez) suggested the following:

“Potential impacts of expected volcanic ash declines may be related to acute respiratory illness – ERA (hospitalization associated with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and all bronchial hyperresponsiveness due to volcanic ash emissions); irritation and abrasion of the conjunctiva and cornea of ​​the eye , volcanic ash-induced dermatitis and ultimately side effects such as acute diarrheal disease and/or acute respiratory infection,” the official explained.

He added that in the event of an ash eruption, it is best to stay home and not go out unless absolutely necessary. Likewise, he offers other suggestions, such as:

– Control ash penetration into homes and buildings by closing doors and windows and using a damp towel under doors or other openings as a barrier to prevent ash from entering.

– If ash enters your home, clean everything with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner as this can cause dust to fly and be inhaled.

– Do not soak the ashes to prevent the formation of hard lumps. Likewise, to collect small deposits, you can use a wet mop or shovel to remove large, thick ash deposits, always protecting your respiratory system.

– Collect ashes in a plastic bag and dispose of them in your regular trash.

– If you must go out, wear a respiratory protective mask to avoid inhaling volcanic ash; If fine ash floating in the air is causing environmental pollution, a mask, handkerchief to cover the nose and mouth may be useful; Wear protective clothing, such as a long-sleeved shirt and long pants to cover the skin.

– It is also recommended to wear protective glasses to prevent dust from entering the eyes. Wear rubber shoes and you’ll be less likely to slip.


– Avoid wearing contact lenses; if eye irritation occurs, rinse with plenty of water; do not scratch eyes as this may damage the cornea. Ash is a granular material as hard as stone that, although small, has an abrasive effect on skin and mucous membrane surfaces.

– If you experience irritation in your nose, throat or skin, rinse with water and rinse your mouth.

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Finally, in terms of health, the Minister of Health of Manizales said that people suffering from allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, etc. should increase dust protection measures.
“Don’t expose yourself unnecessarily, use a mask, wear protective glasses, and consult a doctor if obvious symptoms of irritation occur. Be prepared with specially formulated medications, especially respiratory, cardiovascular and diabetic medications,” he concluded.

Avoid traffic accidents caused by falling dust

– If you drive, check the condition of your vehicle’s tires, no matter what they are; ash can cause a loss of adhesion, which can lead to falls, vehicle collisions and accidents.

– Drive more carefully and reduce your speed. Ensure driving safety and prevent vehicle windshields from being stained with dust (do not wash with water).

Ashes fall in the fields

Keep the water tank covered to prevent ash from contaminating the water and do not use it for human consumption. When it comes to monitoring water quality, it is necessary to pay attention to the instructions of Aguas de Manizales and the Ministry of Public Health.

If you have pets, try to keep them in a safe and covered area. It is also important to cover the animals’ food and water to prevent ash from contaminating them. – Ensure the quality of the water the animals drink.

You can eat garden vegetables that have been washed previously.

Finally, the authorities issued a message of tranquility regarding the volcanic activity, insisting on continuous monitoring and asking people not to trust false social media chains and only learn about the situation through official channels to avoid falling into traps. .

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