Ashley Graham asks each of the brands that make this garment for pregnant women


The model and activist curvy he has turned to Instagram to make your plea with your particular sense of humor

Updated 25/09/2019 17:34

The model Ashley Graham expecting their first child, as I announced by surprise last August. Addicted to sportas well shown on their social networks, the pregnancy has not prevented him from going to the gym to train and practice yoga. But he ran into a problem…there is a sports wear key that no longer fits your silhouette premam.

Despite the fact that brands such as Zara have launched fashionable collections for pregnant womenin general, the supply of clothing premam remains weak and, often, tremendously boring. If there is someone that you did not intend to waive its style and the pleasure to train during pregnancy that is Ashley Graham. The standard-bearer of the movement Body Positivethe model has the good habit of doing networking your loudspeaker to the world of fashion is a little ms inclusive and respectful, and in a post of Instagram has made this appeal.

With the emoticon of S. O. S Ashley has asked the sports firms do ms clothes for pregnant through a post on Instagram. “Please help!!! I need meshes of training for pregnancy that go over my belly and are long lasting! And I want fun colors, I already have a lot of black people”, type the model under a video that showed how bean had to be placed leggingsunder the casing covered by a top.

The video already has more than 2 million views and there are many users who have held the request sintindose identified. A good part of their followers have come to beg him to launch a line of clothing fitness for pregnant; the model already has your own brand of bikinis and baadores and has just released a collection for women curvy next to Marina Rinaldi which is devastating in Zalando.

While we think the offer to your fans you let three leggings premam by if your and also you’ve been on the same dilemma.