Ashley Graham confirms that it will be mom


The model plus size Ashley Graham you have shared an important announcement via Instagram: she is pregnant.

The publication shows the young woman next to her husband, Justin Ervinwith whom laughs a little before saying “surprise!”this in the framework of its ninth anniversary of marriage.

In the description you can read “nine years Ago, a day like today, I married the love of my life This has been the best trip with my favorite person!…”. It reminds us that it is also celebrating its anniversary.

For its part, Ervin shared a gallery of photos where he is with the model, but the one that stands out the most is the one that shows you the ultrasound of their baby.

The next dad wrote on the pictures that Ashley is his eternal love and its daily inspiration. “These nine years have been like a lifetime. I guess that’s because my life started once you walked in it,” she wrote.