Ashley Graham has found the way to beauty of to overcome the emotional stress of confinement: putting on makeup every day


The most logical is that your beauty routine daily has changed in the last few weeksbecause of the coronavirus. The confinement has led to that we have to wash hands a few times more common, but also we are clearing our face more often and, in most cases, we are leaving the rest of the makeup. Ashley Graham, in contrast, does the opposite and has decided not stop use make-up to be in your house.

In these days of uncertainty the model the artist uses the makeup to keep your cheerful spirit and your mind positive. And, although not up to the journal itself admits that use a product colourful, increases their creativity and also lifts your mood. In fact, Ashley has stated that putting on a liner of blue eyes before their virtual meetings, work or even your video calls to family helps to bring some normalcy to this situation uncertain.

The supermodel has just launched a limited edition collection of makeup next to Revlon, Tropical Vibes, with colors inspired by tropical landscapes. And, according to her, the line is perfect to raise the morale during the isolation with the help of his colorful palette of shadows, glosses, lip and illuminator-golden body.

In addition, the top ensures that self-care is essential in these time. That’s why, as soon as your baby of two months leaves him with some free time, she takes advantage of it to give yourself some pampering. Is more, is trying to maintain your daily routine of skin careboth in the morning and at night, and in which there is a serum of vitamin C and of the cream, Daily Moisture from SkinCeuticals.