Ashley Graham: “I Had to work harder than any model for my size”


Ashley Graham is one of the great icons of the movement Body Positive, but its success has not been easy. In a recent interview, the model plus size spoke of the challenges he has faced in the fashion industry and stated that it has had to “work harder than anyone” because of its size.

The dummy 31-year-old has become the acceptance in body one of the cornerstones of his career. In fact, it was the first model of size extra that appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2016.

The path of Graham covers covers of fashion magazines and lifestyle more important in the world. But his road to success was not easy.

“I’ve had to work harder than everyone else because of my size,” said Ashley in an interview.

“I’ve always had that aguantármelo,” added Graham. “If you’re the type of person who has never been glamourizada in fashion then you must justify why you should be there through your efforts.”

However, the model sees the obstacles which he has drawn as something positive: “what Has been difficult? I prefer to say that it has been rewarding.”

One of the reasons that Ashley is so open about her body image, is to inspire others to do the same.

“I’ve always been very honest to share the insecurities that I have. Cellulite, fat in the back… That opened up a door for other women to share their insecurities,” Graham said. “If we all feel the same, why we get stressed by that? I’ve never gone to therapy, but having these conversations will really help.”

As we know, Ashley is not only an advocate of the big sizes in the world of fashion, has also collaborated with several brands to launch collections of lingerie, swimwear and evening dresses for all body types.

Last march, Graham complained about the digital edition in the photos of the models, and warned that “there are still a lot of retouching, trying to change who we are”, and added that people have attempted to “manipulate” your body for years.

The model was also expressed against the term “plus size” to categorize the models that come out of the stereotype. “Why do we have to describe to a woman by a number inside of your pants?”, noted.

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Without a doubt, the efforts of Ashley Graham have given fruits, because thanks to her and other precursors of the Body Positive every time we see more variety of sizes on the catwalks and in the shops.

We have a lot to thank for!