Ashley Graham reveals how many months they go without shaving their armpits after the criticism he has received for his photos postpartum


Ashley Graham has shown on numerous occasions that we will not have any fear of criticism, and as a faithful advocate of the movement ‘body positive’ for that each woman wants as it is; now the ‘model ‘ curvy’ has wanted to make a new claim in regards to body hair.

And if a few days ago, Ashley published a photo in the days after the birth, where we could see as the model posed in front of the mirror with disposable underwearand hairs in the armpits! Now, the model has wanted to address the many comments and criticisms it has received by posting a video via stories of Instagram, where it speaks directly of his armpits.

A post that Ashley seeks to address the ‘haters’, and it is that there were many who they made fun of the aesthetic that has presented the famous model ‘curvy’ during your pregnancy.

And according to the own model, has not done since his last public appearance for the program ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’in the past month of December: “For all women that are not shaved basically during the entire pregnancy or at least until the end: I have not shaved since my last appearance púlica, which was ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’, in December of 2019. And I do not regret nor am ashamed of it, I’ve just neglected a bit during this time, insurance that you will understand“.