Ashley Graham reveals the increase of weight during your pregnancy


If there is one thing that is of concern to women during the pregnancybeyond the health of the baby (of course), it is increase weight without control. And that is, as they say, pregnant women eat for two. However, changes in the eating habits women may affect both the health of the mother and the fetus. That’s why, the specialists tend to be very pending of this variable.

Despite all of this, it is inevitable to gain weight during the pregnancyand if you don’t tell that to Ashley Graham. In the final stretch of her pregnancy, the model has made balance of your months of pregnancy. A few weeks ago he showed with pride in Instagram the changes that he was suffering from your bodyand now he has put a specific figure. Next to an image in which we can see her do yogasport that has helped him to gain flexibility all these months, Ashley has confessed that he has filled out 22 kilos. But far from feeling sorry, the model plus size, has explained why he feels comfortable with his weight gain.

“Throughout my pregnancy up to now I have gained 22 kilos. And the best part is that it does not matter to me. I have never felt better and I am grateful that my body and my son have allowed me to be as mobile and flexible as I have been,” says Ashley Graham while acknowledging that the sport has been the major culprit of feeling so well. “Between exercise, yoga, acupuncture and massages lymph, I finally feel that I have discovered all this about the pregnancy and how to feel better”.

And is that, in addition to the exercise, Ashley Graham it has been prepared with a doula to better carry the pregnancy and not leave your busy schedule of work. Come on, that model has become the perfect example of that weight gain during pregnancy is not synonymous with not having care. Hence, his followers have supported the words of the celebrity.

“Pregnancy is not a one size fits all and you have done a outstanding job accepted each step with confidence, grace, sense of humor and contagious energy,” or “Very happy that you’ve discovered what works best for you to feel good”, are some of the comments most repeated. Although there is also who speaks from her own experience. “I gained 25 pounds with my daughter and she was born healthy and absolutely beautiful. While you feel good, that is the only thing that matters. Enjoy every second of it. You are radiant”.

Since then, Ashley Graham has enjoyed to the fullest of your pregnancy and it will do so also with the birth of his son.