Ashley Graham shares to Enter your visit to Tulum


TULUM.- The famous model curvy Ashley Graham shared in his account of Instagram, photos, next to his mother on the beaches of Tulum, where pike spectacular bikini.

According to Infobae, with the title “Mexico, I needed you” (Mexico, I needed), the top model shared some photos from the destination paradise between palm trees and a turquoise sea in the background, he posed with a cut-out bikini floral and a hat beach, and bragged about tanning.

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Graham he visited with his mother, Linda, the main tourist destinations of Tulum, and tasted the local cuisine in the restaurants of the areaas showed with its more than 8.4 million followers via Instagram Stories.

“This place is very cute,” he said in a video in which he toured the facilities of the hotel Posada Margherita.

In another of the recordings that were released from the beach, showed that even the famous are spared from the kelp that has invaded the coasts of the mexican caribbean from two weeks ago. On the shore, there is a long row of these algae.

The model curvy more international and gave his mother a vacation for mother’s day, she revealed on Instagram.

Both maintain a very close relationship and are shown as great friends. On more than one occasion, has acknowledged that it was his mother who taught him how to accept your body and love herself.

“My mother told me that my body would change somebody’s life some day. And here we are, with a lot of different people saying ‘I feel represented’,” Graham said in an interview.

Since beginning his career as a model in large sizes, the american 31-year-old has become the main ambassador for curvy women. However, in the last few months, has faced multiple criticisms from fans who said they feel disappointed with it.

In December 2018, Ashley Graham shared a picture of the natural from the shower. No makeup, no clothes, he was harshly questioned by lose weight, and lose her curves prominent.

Ashley Graham is defended and assured that the measures of your waist, hips, and neck were exactly the same as five years ago. Its weight and its size, he said, had not changed.

People are obsessed with the bodies of others. Think of all the women whose lives have been transformed thanks to the movement Body Positive. Why are we not supporting each other?”, questioned.