Ashley Graham shows the side less glamorous maternity


The model Ashley Graham has resumed his professional activity after welcoming her first child last January 18, posting new videos on your channel interviews YouTube and continuing with their activity on the social networks, they did not abandon at any time during your pregnancy.

Despite the fact that during all that time gave the impression of being a superheroine who can do it all, she acknowledged that the last few weeks were complicated and that the first thing that has had to sacrifice as a mom rookie has been the glamour in favour of comfort.

“Raise your hands if you didn’t know that would end up changing their own diapers too”, wrote the star in your account Instagram next to a selfie in the poses in underwear in front of the mirror to show his physical progress since you gave birth.

“After so many years in the fashion industry, I never imagined that disposable underwear could become my favorite garment ever, but here we are!”.

Although some consider that on this occasion, showed too open to sharing as many details about your postpartum, Ashley he believes that it is very important to talk with total sincerity of all those things that he liked to know before you get pregnant.

Ashley Graham maternity
(Photo: Getty Images)

“Nobody talks about the process of recovery or healing (yes, also the most cumbersome) to that face us moms and I wanted to show you all of that for me is not proving to be easy”he confessed.