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Ashley Graham he has broken taboos in the world of beauty and fashion, has been crowned as the model curvy par excellence and has not hesitated in reclaiming the changes your body has experienced during your first pregnancy, stripping in their social networks and showing their stretch marks. And since last January gave birth to her first child, Isaac, Menelik Giovanni, fruit of his relationship with the film director Justin Ervin, Graham has continued in its efforts to show the world all the realities of motherhood.

In its latest publication on InstagramGraham wanted to share with more than 10.5 million followers what is their reality at the time of changing the diaper of your child without a close service. “The shit has become real”, he wrote next to a photo in which he sees her crouched down in an aisle of a supermarket changing the diaper of his son, lying on the floor on a changing table. “The diaper has burst without having a bathroom nearby to the view. Thank God that I remembered to bring the changing pad in the diaper bag!”, wrote.

Throughout these months, the model, 31, has also spoken of the unexpected changes that her body has had to adapt. “Raise your hands if you don’t know that I was also going to have to change their own diapers. After all these years in fashion, he never would have guessed that the disposable underwear would be my favorite garment ever”, he wrote next to a selfie in the bathroom and in reference to the incontinence that may be experienced by women after giving birth. “Nobody speaks of the recovery and healing (yes, even the parts disordered) by the passing of the new moms. I wanted to show you that not everything is rainbows and butterflies!”, continued in its publication.

Like you did during your pregnancy, Graham has not wanted to hide their body changes after giving birth and already treats them as faithful companions to the stretch marks from your body. “I same. A few new stories”, wrote next to a photograph in which, by covering up the breasts, it shows the marks on his gut. The top has also stressed the importance of ending the taboo of breastfeeding in public spaces. In addition to joining the already day-to-day images of mothers breast-feeding their children in the street, cafes or restaurants, the top he shared in their social networks a video of it being extracted from milk during a trip in the back of a vehicle with Uber. “I used to answer emails in my trips in Uber, now pumping before my breasts explode,” wrote a few days ago.

The decision of Graham wanting to be finished with the clichés of motherhood and her efforts to show the side less idyllic or romantic of this aspect is not surprising if one takes into account that the model takes to break new ground throughout his career through his work. From the beginning of his career, Ashley Graham has combined outstanding achievements in the fashion industry through covers of large headers, parades or campaigns for signatures important. Has consolidated its own revolution in terms of acceptance of different canons of beauty and action on the catwalk. In 2017, directed to four women in large sizes in a photographic session in which it agreed to show off her body only covered by lingerie, and, at the beginning of this year, joined Pronovias to launch a collection inclusive of costumes bridal. Graham was part of the Forbes list of the 30 under 30 most influential in 2016, in addition to work in television and write a book about the true face of the confidence, beauty and power.

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