Ashley Graham talks about cellulite and how to learn from the ‘trolls’


Ashley Graham it has become one of the best ambassadors of the movement body positive and it is, for years, one of the models curvy with more success. The model has broken stereotypes by being the cover of some of the fashion magazines most important and has become the benchmark of many women who have ceased to fight against the scale to begin to accept yourself as you are. A message that always defends Graham.

Ashley Graham holds more than eight million followers in Instagram and is not exempt from the reviews of the trolls in the social networks. Something about what he has spoken in his last public appearance, a conference in New York: “he was Wearing a dress cowboy short, some tall boots and cellulite remained of the view. Is the life right? A girl wrote in my profile and said: ‘Girl, your thighs and that cellulite are going out of your panties. I can’t believe that you something as well”, he explained Grahamthat I was not ready for a comment of this type will affect. So I decided to answer: “Try these comments become a learning. I’m not going to attack you and be like you, because that requires a lot of energy. So I said: ‘you Have a lot of reason, my cellulite and my fat are hanging and I am very sexy. What we’re going to give space to the trolls? I don’t have time for that,” said Ashley.

Although dealing with the comments and the looks is not always easy. Graham, who has nearly two decades of working as a model, has also recognized that in the early of his career there were moments in which he thought of to throw in the towel but his mother was always by his side to cheer her up: “My mother told me that my body was going to change someone’s life. And here we are, with many different women saying, ‘I feel represented‘”, confessed the model.

And again to send a message body positive: “I truly believe that no matter size or silhouette you have. You can be healthy, it really is get up from the sofa, move your body, choose healthy options and know that your body is yours”.