Ashley Madison reveals the secret dreams of Italians

Gender fluidity is a “mood” for women, while men entertain the idea of ​​four-way relationships, perhaps with women over 60… Will Smith and Patty Pravo are the stars at the top of Ashley Madison’s list. . Here’s a hot poll to see who Italians would like to try a polyamorous relationship with!

What is polyamory? For those few who don’t know, it is a relational orientation in which the subject agrees to be attracted, both sentimentally and sexually, to several people at the same time. Polyamorists agree that polyamory improves them as people because it forces them to recognize that monogamy is nothing more than a social construct. Now that most Italians have returned to their normal routine, but bringing with them the energy that the sun and warmth provide, stimulating all the senses… Ashley Madison (a leading international platform for those seeking non-monogamous relationships) wanted to offer its users a survey in which Italian and international non-monogamous celebrities with whom they would like to have a polyamorous adventure.

Amazing rating!

Surprisingly, in the ranking Ashley Madisonwe find the timeless Italian diva Patty Right, who ranks eleventh among VIPs voted for by men. It is no coincidence that the famous singer has repeatedly mentioned her polyamorous relationships with musicians. Paul Martinez AND Paul Jeffrey. In Patty’s memories, the three of them loving each other was simply natural: not an act of transgression, but the pure and simple freedom of love between people. However, at the top of the ranking we find the one for which the most men voted – Bella Thorne former from Benjamin Mascolo (Italian singer) and received the most votes among women – Will Smith both American and internationally famous.

Women are attracted to “gender-fluid” or “non-binary” people.

It’s interesting to note that men – with the exception of the Oscar winner Taika Waititi – choose partners almost exclusively of the opposite sex, while the XX chromosome is more open to experimenting with partners of the same sex. In this rating Ashley Madisonfor example, 7 out of 15 VIP women were chosen by other women as polyamorous partners Rita Ora, Shailene Woodley AND Bella Thorne. Women are also attracted to openly gender fluid or non-binary people, as is the case with actors. Nico Tortorella AND Ezra Miller. 38% of women would then want a relationship with Nick Cannon AND Will Smith and 23% would also appreciate it Nico Tortorella joined the group.

Men would like four-way relationships with women over 60.

It appears that men, however, tend to place less importance on the age of the VIP in their desires compared to women. In fact, some men prefer to have relationships with women over 60 years of age and older, as in the case of women over 60 years of age. Patty Right. In addition, 51% of men surveyed would like to maintain a polyamorous relationship at the same time as Bella Thorne and Rita Ora. 44% would even like a four-way relationship involving Shailene Woodley. “The structure of these celebrities’ relationship patterns can, in fact, be seen as a mirror of the evolution that society as a whole is beginning to undertake. For some time, monogamy was the only form of relationship allowed by the community, and it is interesting that today public figures such as actors and singers are legitimizing non-monogamy, including through social media and interviews.“, he comments Christoph Kremermanaging director Ashley Madison for Europe.

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