Asia Leva Setina, Xfactor participant, we haven’t been talking about anything but her for a long time, watch the video

Asia Leva Setina the moniker Ston seemed to immediately stand out on the Milan Xfactor scene.

Asia Leva Setina

Original, self-confident, with the attitude of an experienced artist, she commanded the stage perfectly. Asia got it four yes with his performance on the first night of the 2023 season. Now he gets straight to the stage of talent. Fedez, Morgan, Dargen D’Amico and Ambra I was impressed by the cover of “I Like It” by Bad Bunny, Cardi B and J Balvin. Apparently, 18-year-old Asiya Leva grew up listening to music. Behind the scenes she is in awe of Francesca Michelin, who not only hosts the event, but also cheers for the children and, apparently, for her mother, who runs an academy of music and dance.

Of course, musical education begun at an early age is a great advantage for an artist. and, given these suppositions, it is not surprising that the young Pontine should be able to hold the stage so well. “In English or Italian, you have a clear voice, you can sing,” Morgan tells her.


Fedez, Ambra and Dargen D’amico are of the same opinion. He stunned everyone, or better yet, “conquered everyone,” with an unexpected standing ovation. A young Pontine with a “screaming” look, reminiscent of certain performances. great divas of American music such as Lady Gaga and Lizzo also wowed audiences at home.

Almost a teenager now, and with a huge talent yet to be discovered, Moan (that’s her stage name) commands the stage and wows with a version of “I Like It” by Bad Bunny, Cardi B and J Balvin. Her performance was a moment that made us proud of her, I would say magical at the time it was Premiere of the talent show. Asia is moving into its next phase, and there couldn’t be a better start than this. Xfactor is a very important stage that has produced several famous artists in recent years.

X – Factor

Artists making the history of Italian music. From Giusy Ferreri with a very special voice, Marco Mengoni, whose success is growing. Not to mention some maneskins. who literally hit the jackpot and conquer the “globe”. The judges are experienced and know what they are doing, but the public always has the right. At this, the entire audience jumped to their feet. Asia Leva, who seemed to be an experienced singer.

And yet this was his first appearance on stage. from We can only wish her all the best.

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