Ask for AMLO not to leave the house and follow recommendations


President Andrés Manuel López Obrador appealed to all mexicans not to leave the house and follow the recommendations of healthy distance before the pandemic COVID-19 then that the country has accumulated 12 people are dead because of the coronavirus.

In a message spread in social networks, the president of the federal warned that if the rate of hiv infections are out of control, will be sufficient hospitals and the health care team to care for them, for this reason, it is necessary not to collapse the health centers.

If we don’t take care of them, if not we retreat to our homes and we take care of ourselves, then this could happen: we are going to shoot cases of infection, we are going to saturate the hospitals, we are not going to reach the beds of the hospitals, even when we are prepared to receive thousands, but this is going to be something overwhelming”, warned the president.

The chief Executive reiterated the importance of the care to older adults and people with diseases chronic as the diabetes and hypertension since these are the groups that increased vulnerability shown to the COVID-19.

We have to be in our homes, we have to keep the healthy distance, ask them this: that in the family we seek to be, not isolated, but with a special care to our seniors”.

López Obrador was considered that the mexican authorities are acting appropriately because they do not record mortality rates and contagion in Europe, United States and other countries.

  • In his report evening, the Secretariat of Health reported that in the country have confirmed 717 contagion, and about 2 thousand 475 cases of suspected infection.

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