Ask health authorities to mexicans to donate blood


The donation of blood has been reduced between 60% and 70% in the last month due to the expansion of the pandemic coronavirus in Mexico, said Thursday the director general of the National Centre of Blood Transfusion, Jorge Enrique Trejo Gómora.

Despite the fact that there is still no shortage in the blood banks of the country, the doctor said that it is necessary to continue with the donation to help patients.

During the conference daily to report on the progress of the disease in the country, Jorge Trejo Gómora called on mexicans to donate blood as there are many people who need blood transfusions for their treatments.

So as not to suffer a stock-out during the pandemic, the citizens made an appointment through a call center.

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Of be way you can avoid the saturation in the donation centres and the population will maintain a healthy distance.

“What products can you get from this call? (…) An appointment scheduled at the blood bank of greater convenience, more safe and with a schedule so that they can go, alinéandonos to the strategies of healthy distance and avoiding the conglomeraciones of donors in blood banks,” he said.

For this appointment you can call the phones 55 63 92 22 79, 55 63 92 22 71; as well as the numbers 55 63 92 22 50 to 99 extensions 51656, 51670, 51674.

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