Aston Martin Valhalla is coming

In the latest and popular James Bond film, No Time to Die, it is difficult not to be distracted by Ana De Armas or Lea Seydoux, the main characters of the famous feature film. The rest of your attention should be spent following the plot and appreciating the Astons scattered throughout the film, which are great. V8 Advantage from classics to recent times DBS Superleggera, not forgetting the immortal DB5. However, one is missing and he briefly appears behind the distinguished M, the super sports car we’ve been waiting for ages and we hardly saw him move.

Aston Martin Valhalla_01

HYBRID BUT HARD. let `s talk about Valhallafuture hypercar Aston Martin whose name pays homage to Norse mythology. Valhalla is a kingdom, or hall, where Odin himself awaits worthy warriors killed in battle, and if we talk about battles, then the English fireball will certainly not lack weapons. Introduced as a hybrid V6 engine, the Valhalla’s engine then evolved into a twin-turbo V8, just like the AMG GT Black Seriesnear three electric motors, two at the front and one at the rear, which also functions as a reverse gear. Total firepower: 1000 horsepower (be conservative) “0-100” in 2.5 seconds and maximum speed 350 km/h.

F1 IN THE BLOOD. With aerodynamics designed by one Adrian Newey, DRS, pushrod front suspension and a carbon monocoque, the Valhalla aims to beat His Majesty’s Ring record, beating the GT2 RS, Aventador SVJ and AMG Project One. To beat the time of 6 minutes 35 inches set by the German hypercar, Aston Martin unveils its Formula 1 designers, working on the key areas of dynamics, ergonomics, materials and handling, the latter thanks to Alonso and Stroll’s work on the simulator. The line is incredible, instantly recognizable despite the fact that there’s currently one hypercar being built every day, and even vaguely elegant despite its curb appeal.

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IS THIS A LITTLE LONG? No Valhalla forklifts have been spotted roaming English streets or the Ring since the 2019 Geneva unveiling, but the English company promises to begin testing outside the simulator in early fall, with deliveries to begin sooner. like in 2024. Not that a mere mortal should worry about Valhalla being delayed, they’ll just make it in time 999 and by price three quarters of a million, but we are extremely curious to know how the splendor planned in Gaydon is going. And who knows, and also check whether the simulated Nordschleife time of 6:30 can be true…

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