Astrid Nelsia fact, dreams of his fans with this photo in a bikini are sexy !


Astrid Nelsia on the road, his fans on Instagram ! The star appears in a bikini on a beach Paradise ! And that’s pretty sexy !

Astrid Nelsia has struck again ! The bomb was revealed a reminder of a holiday on Instagram. She took the opportunity to have his dream body in a bikini. What crazy users !

It’s no secret : Astrid Nelsia is like, and drives the temperature on the screen. In fact, the brown sulfur bombed the social networks with his pictures sexy !

The beach, in his bath or in his bed… the bomb missed no opportunity to display, her curves are a dream. And his fans can’t enough !

The star is not lost, however, has also his good habits during the confinement. It continues to do so, to dream of the canvas, with its memories of the holiday.

Today, Astrid Nelsia published a photo of her on the island of Mauritius. Then we can see on a white sand beach. As always, the young woman wearing a sexy bikini. You can guess, her chest and her cleavage in XXL-format.

Astrid Nelsia fact, dreams of his fans with this photo in a bikini are sexy !

Astrid Nelsia heifsen : he warms up his fans on Instagram !

The pretty brunette is shown in the nature and shows us, his beautiful, tanned complexion. The fans are fallen so immediately in its spell.

In fact, Astrid Nelsia has received a hundred compliments. “Lots of charm “, “Canon “, “Radiant as always “, “A true sunshine “ so as you can read in the comments.

So, there is still a without-fault for the contestant of the reality tv show ! How, what, knows the young woman, as consolation for his fans during the confinement.

The pretty brunette must wait, however, before you back in the sun. In fact, all of his travels, the fallen are on the water, as a result of the crisis of the Covid-19.

But the fact that the star has calmed down ! Also in closed systems with her, is this still of buzz on the canvas. In fact, Astrid Nelsia the paradisiacal landscapes that don’t need to bluff his fans !