Astrid Nelsia presents her wishes for 2021 but also her new buttocks!


Her first photo of 2021 got everyone to agree …

“HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Take care of yourself and think of yourself before you think of others. That’s the best advice I can give you. Life is too short to waste it.” These were Astrid Nelsia’s words for the New Year. For her first post of the year, the reality TV contestant chose the perfect photo to satisfy her fans.

The bimbo is displayed from the back, sitting with the focus on her new buttocks. She had flown to Spain to undergo a Supercharged BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), a technique combining liposuction and implants. “The final result, I will have it in six weeks but for the moment it is too good! It is not visible at all that these are implants”, she had said last October before revealing the price. “Simple liposuction, I think it’s 8,200 or 8,400 euros. And implants and lipo, it’s 9,600 euros. After that, you have to count food, tickets, and accommodation to stay here for 14 days. big, you have about, 12, 13 … 14,000 euros! “, she had declared.“If you knew how stylish it is to have a c **. All my life I haven’t had a c **. To get to this, I’ve come a long way. ! “

“Beautiful”, “My wife”, “Beautiful”, “Amazing the view”, “Let me be the cushion you sit on”, “It’s that kind of self-confidence that all women should have”, “Oowww Astrid”, “2021 starts well!”, We could read. Others wondered about the scar the young woman has on her back. “How did you do the scar on the back?”, “Wesh she has a scratch on her back looks like she got attacked by a lion”.