ASUS ROG phone 2 and Redmi Note 8 Pro is Still the number One in AnTuTu


Not a few reviewers gadgets, the use of the benchmarking app AnTuTu, which is used to compute the performance of the synthetic a smartphone. Not only the calculation of the score of the CPU, AnTuTu can also calculate the power of the GPU, memory and user interface is a smartphone.

Good! Not long ago, AnTuTu again the big 10 will publish the performance of the smartphone flagship and mid-range for the month of February. In-class flagship smartphone-gaming-besuan ASUS, namely ROG phone 2 with the RAM OF 12 GB and a ROM of 512 GB is in the up position. While the mid-range class held by the Redmi Note 8 Pro.

Yes! AnTuTu showed, because they had the support of hardware and software is impressive, the gaming smartphone is the second generation of the ASUS, it has managed its position at the top. To not keep one thing in mind, AnTuTu has not yet pricing in a smartphone flagship with the support of the SoC Snapdragon 865.

In connection with it, the platform for benchmarking, which is confirmed in China, that there is not enough data for the new smartphone with Snapdragon chipset 865. Yes! We hope that we can see, there is a change in the coming months, with some of the new flagship phone from Xiaomi, OPPO, Nubia, Samsung and so on.

As we can see from the table, to be shared by AnTuTu, ASUS ROG phone 2 record the score 507.284 points. In the second and third positions 7T (494.705) and realme X2 Pro (482.480) occupied by OnePlus. While in the mid-range Redmi Note 8 Pro, powered Helio G90T have AnTuTu score reached 291.733 points.

In the position of the second and third in the mid-range class held by Samsung A71 that has achieved an AnTuTu score reached 265.537 points and Mi 9T has the score 264.797 points. Yes! Again and again, in class of the flagship and mid-range chipset from Qualcomm dominates.