ASUS ROG phone II “heroes” in AnTuTu, the Redmi Note 8 Pro, Master…



BEIJING – AnTuTu is a benchmark of the display to calculate the most popular in China, the performance of a synthetic of the CPU, GPU, memory, and the user interface. These days, the only, the chart 10 a month for the phone class to publish Flagship (featured) and midranger (medium range).

To the class mobile featured, the best performance achieved by ASUS ROG phone II. The handset is powered by a RAM of 12 GB and 512 GB of internal memory.


During the phones, Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro successfully occupy the first position. Mobile own pack Chipset Helio G90T.

Platform the unveiling of the hardware and the software are impressive, making the gaming phone from ASUS hold the position, from the top. Please note, however, no smartphone Snapdragon 865 in the list.

AnTuTu reasoned, there is not enough data to smartphone new. Because of this, it looks like next month we will see changes in the list of AnTuTu with some new players from Xiaomi, Oppo, realme, Nubia, Samsung and others.


In this time, smartphone the most powerful on AnTuTu, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra-5G (12/256 GB) with a score of 559.781, followed by Galaxy S20 Plus with 553.735 in the version Chipset Snapdragon 865. While the Exynos-990 a lower rating have been tested.

A score of Redmi Note 8 Pro remained unchanged in the last four weeks. Followed by the Galaxy-A71 with Snapdragon 730, produces the best results for the CPU.