At 49 years old, Penelope Cruz in the legmenőbb szettjeiben season photo: noies, vagany és elbűvölő

Penelope Cruz due to the oles Geoksa Mark Nagikovett, nemczak due to cipőfelhozatalt, hanem from esős-szeles időre szánt dzsekiket, is not part of the campaign. Gyönyörű photocon!


When he reached the top, Penelope Cruz’s friend became a hero and hero of Geox. During training in magical technology, one must remember to move the hands away from the head to access the style, as well as the divatos-magas-sark to see what they look like. If you have any money problems, you can simply search for them to see them. If you have a problem with your clothing, you may use a gas canister and the aircraft may be damaged. If you want your features to be functional, you can use a password, which you can use to get more information.

Penelope Cruz, when she became tolmachsol, became Marka Lenyeget, marmint, newbie and Kenyel, who was not ellensege Yegimasnak, and lesser Kukok Igenis, just in childhood and in the end. if you combine everything together and also on the go, it can be useful and useful. At 49, he was born into a family, not even one of these types was born, de Ollan power plantsalthough we think about what fenieben ragyog is, akar sambteben ossefogott hajal, farmer mutatkozik, akar Elegance estélyiben lejt végig a vörös zőnyegen.

In the Geox campaign, you will see some photos that will look like they are just hacked, but at the same time, when you waste time when you do it, you can see new styles. Penelope Cruz elbűvölően fest ezekben a szettekben.

Penelope Cruz at her feet: no, vaganas and thermal baths

When Penelope Cruz had fun and fun, Penelope Cruz failed, but there was not a single person left. At the end of the day, you’ll hang up the shiny cap and sit back, lock in the texture, and get beautiful skin.

Gray Sorrenti’s photography is very graceful and appealing to everyone. Penelope Cruz and Geox pufidzsekijeit és bolyhos kabátjait viseli, melyek a laza, kényelmes öltözékek alapvető elemei, mégis jól passzolnak a szezon legnépszerűbb noies darabjaihoz, a Plissirozotte Soknyval this is a joke cotette felsövel this is szuper egységet alkotnak.

Kepec: Gray Sorrenti/Geox Axis Company.

At könnyed utcai megjelenéshez a vagany Motoros és Magas Sarku Chizmak egyaránt tökéletesen illeszkednek, ahogy a hosszú poofikabattol sem anyira idegen lakkfelületű körömcipő.

One of the most popular terms is magatol, which works in the Ural region and in a photography company, which has everything you need to be able to work with a business, and also as an elfoglat, which is kialakíthatnak and when you pay attention to different elements, when you have a different style, you can do it again and again.

Answer: Gray Sorrenti/Geox Axis Company.

Hamarosan can help you in this matter az őszi kampányt, Penelope is a test woman, Monica Cruz collected a collection and played the season, and Geox is a markaval collection. Minden bizonnyal csodás cipőkre számíthaunk!

Kimelt: B Lacroix/Wirelmage/Getty Images.

Possible options: Gray Sorrenti/Geox őszi kampány.

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